Spring Release and Updated Hours!

We are resuming “summer hours” as of Friday May 24th. We will be open Fridays 4-8 and Saturdays and Sundays 12-6. We occasionally need to close a little early or for a day due to private events. You can verify current hours on Google or call/text 206-310-6075.

We are set to release our next batch of wines! June 3rd – 5th we will be having a release party. We will be releasing the 2021 white wines: pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, viognier, roussanne, and the Sundew White Blend (30% sauv blanc, 30% roussanne, 20% pinot gris, and 20% viognier). The 2021 rose’ is a cabernet sauvignon. We will also be releasing the 2020 syrah and 2020 petit verdot. And yes the raspberry is finally ready as well! Michael has already started another batch in anticipation that this one will go quickly again.

We have just a few bottles left of the 2020 merlot and cab franc. There are a couple cases left of the 2020 sauvignon blanc, roussanne, and cab franc rose’.

We hope to see you soon! Leann & Michael Stacey

2021 Red Blend Selection Event

We need to determine our 2021 red blend and we’d like your input. We are having a tasting event Saturday January 8th 12-6 and Sunday January 9th 12-4. We have come up with 4 possible blends. You get to taste the blends and vote for your favorite. You can taste all of our other wines as well if you’d like. We hope to see you soon! Leann & Michael Stacey

Fall Updates!

Fall Updates!

Vintage 2021 is a wrap!  All of the wines have finished fermentation, have been pressed and are hanging out in tanks, barrels, and carboys.  We need to do some shifting around into their final vessels, but we need to do some bottling and figure out the 2021 blend first.  Stay tuned for information on our blend pick event in the coming weeks.

We will be closed November 5th – 7th. Then will be open on our “winter hours”: Saturdays and Sundays 12-6 and Mondays – Fridays by appointment.  We’ll be open the Friday after Thanksgiving for tasting and if you want to pick up some frog and/or wine themed gifts!

Crush Craziness

We are in the midst of the annual crush craziness, which can make for a varied tasting room schedule.  The grapes call – we have to answer!

The tasting room will be closed on Friday Oct 1 so that we can attend the awards ceremony for the WA State Fair Wine, Beer and Specialty Beverage Competition. We will be open for tasting our regular hours on Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 6.  I always adjust our hours on Google if we’re not going to be open our standard times. That is the best way to check that we’re open before coming by at this time of year. You can also just call or text us to check on times – and what we have going on for crush/press. 

Michael is going to pick up our cab franc grapes on Saturday 10/2, so we’ll be crushing them that afternoon starting likely around 3 or 4.  People are welcome to come by and watch the process and help sling grapes into the crusher if you want. 

The pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, and viognier have all finished fermentation. The roussanne is almost done and ready to be racked off the lees. 

We will be pressing the merlot either Thursday evening or Friday mid-day.  Press is another fun thing to watch and help out with as you can taste the brand new wine!  In the next week we’ll also have the cab sauvignon and tempranillo to press. 

After this weekend Michael will have one final trip over (we hope) to pick up the rose’ juice and petit verdot grapes. 

We’d love to have you come by and join in the crazy fun!

Grapes and Wine Tasting!

We will be open for wine tasting this weekend Friday August 20th through Sunday August 22nd by appointment only.  We are getting our first grapes next week (about 1 1/2 weeks sooner than last year). Michael will be busy getting the winery ready for the craziness of the coming months. He is happy to pour wine, just wants a heads up to make sure he is home and not running errands.  Please call or text him at 253-307-6343.   

There will be pretty constant activity going on now through October and we welcome you to come by and check it out. 

Raspberry Release!

We are releasing the new batch of raspberry wine this weekend starting Friday August 6th. We will be open for tasting this and the other wines Friday 4-8, Saturday and Sunday 12-6.

2020 Spring Release!

The 2020 white wines are all resting in their bottles and getting ready to join the reds wines for your tasting enjoyment!

We are planning on doing a release party Friday April 23rd 4-8 pm, Saturday April 24th and Sunday April 25th 12 -6 pm. 

We have 5 white wines, rose’, 7 red wines, and a raspberry this year.  All will be available for tasting and purchase.

Hopefully the weather and covid will cooperate! We have plenty of space on the patio and yard to social distance. If it’s raining we’ll have the tent up.

Michael and I have gotten both vaccines, but please wear masks when around others not in your party for the wellbeing of others.

After this weekend we’ll plan to be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with these same hours or by appointment. 

Winter Wine Tasting & Updates

With the rainy, colder winter weather and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions we are limiting our wine tasting to by appointment only. The red wines (6 varietals and a blend) are bottled and available for tasting and purchase! We have a few cases left of the 2019 pinot gris. The 2020 white wines are smelling and tasting lovely. We should be bottling them in the next month or so. We will plan on having a release party sometime in March or April. We’ll keep you posted!!

2020 Harvest is a wrap (and the reds are coming)!

2020 has definitely been an interesting year for everyone. We want to thank everyone who came out and supported us in our first commercial year. While it wasn’t what we were planning for our winery and tasting room this year, overall it went really well. The slower start was not all a bad thing as it allowed us to get our feet wet with the commercial world.

We got great feedback on our 2019 white wines. The roussanne, sauvignon blanc and viognier have all sold out. We just have a few bottles left of the Sundew White Blend and cab franc rose’. We still have several cases of the pinot gris left as well. Good news is that all of these will be back and in greater amounts with the 2020 vintage. The 2020’s have had their first racking and are smelling and tasting delicious already. They should be ready for release in the spring of 2021!

The biggest feedback we got this summer was “we can’t wait for your reds”. We offered barrel samples of the red blend to rave reviews and requests to buy it now. For a 2019 it is tasting amazing, and will just get better with a little more time. Good news is that we just bottled one barrel of it and all of the other 2019 reds except for the malbec. We want the malbec and the other barrel of the blend to enjoy more time in the barrel. These reds should be available for tasting and purchase in the spring of 2021 along with the whites.

2019 Reds!

The 2020 reds are also coming along nicely. For this vintage we will have: syrah, cabernet sauvignon, cab franc, merlot, malbec, and petit verdot. We were planning on doing a barbera, but unfortunately due to storm damage and the quickly cooling temps it never fully ripened. We just picked the 2020 red blend thanks to feedback from friends and it’s going in the barrel today! It is a very similar blend to the 2019, but with an increased percentage of petit verdot.

Finally Michael also taught a Zoom class on fruit winemaking this fall. As part of that we also have some raspberry wine that will be available in the spring. The aromas and flavors of fresh raspberry in this are amazing!

We are available for tastings through the winter, but with the current restrictions we have to be outside. Just give us a call or email if you want to come by and taste or pick up some of the remaining white wines. We’ll keep you posted on the plan for release of the 2019 reds and 2020 whites in the spring.

Once again, thank you all for your support. Stay safe and healthy. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season even if we’re “socially distant”.

Cheers! Leann & Michael Stacey

Phase 2 = Tasting Room is Open!

Pierce County is now in phase 2 of reopening. That means our tasting room is open with social distancing requirements. This includes no groups larger than 5 and we will be wearing face coverings. We have plenty of space in the winery and patio to spread out to maintain 6 ft of distance between groups. We are also frequently cleaning down everything in the tasting room/winery.

Fun fact: we can’t use cleaning supplies with bleach in the winery because that can contribute to cork taint (TCA). We are using high level alcohol hand sanitizer to sanitize in the winery.

We are going to be open most Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We are also open other days by appointment. Our hours are flexible so if you want to come by just give us a call/text or send an email. Michael is the easiest to get a hold of during the week at 253-307-6343. Email is