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Chorus Frog Winery is located in Edgewood, Washington.

Just North of Tacoma and easily accessed from I-5 and Hwy 167.  Our winery is located in a separate building in our back yard. Our patio is open for a tasting area.

Our current hours are Saturdays and Sundays 12 – 5 pm.  Monday through Friday are open by appointment only.   

We occasionally need to adjust hours or close for special events or an infrequent vacation. You can call or text to verify hours or check on Google as we make any changes there. 

We travel to central and eastern Washington each year to purchase grapes for our wines.  We process and create the wines here in Edgewood.  We have built a commercial winery, complete with patio seating,  on our home property.  

About Chorus Frogs

We named our winery “Chorus Frog” because of the hundreds of little chorus frogs that inhabit our yard.  A Chorus Frog is usually no larger than an inch in size.  They love to sit on plants and leaves, and are known for their loud vocalizations.  Each year in February and March our resident frogs are very noisy trying to attract a mate. We have recorded them singing at over 80 decibels on our back deck!  Throughout the summer and fall you’re likely to encounter one or more on the many plants around the winery and patio.  

Carnivorous Plants

Michael is a cultivator of carnivorous plants.  We have many varieties of potted carnivorous plants lining our deck and patios.  The little Chorus Frogs like to sit on the plants, hence the inspiration for our labels. 

The pictures on our labels were created from photos Leann took of actual frogs on plants around our yard.  

Chorus Frog Winery owners, Leann & Michael Stacey

Michael is chief winemaker, vintner, and chemist.  Michael has lived in the Puget Sound his entire life.  Michael has a background in forestry. He works at a local nursery when not making wine.  

Leann is chief taster/topper and CFO of Chorus Frog winery.  She is originally from Montana and moved to Washington following graduate school.  She has worked as a speech-language pathologist for over 30 years.  

Leann and Michael have been making wines since 2011.  Chorus Frog became a commercial winery in 2019. 

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Address:  10418 13th St. Ct East, Edgewood, WA 98372

Thank you to our designer!  

We want to thank Lorelyn Mayr - Media Works, for the website, logo, and label design work she does for us.  Visit or contact Lorelyn if you need design work.  

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