The ever “fluid” winemaking schedule

Just as we think we have a plan, this year’s crazy harvest changes it once again.

The cabernet sauvignon and the viognier we’re getting for our winemaking club competition is ready.

Michael will be picking up on Friday Oct 3.  Saturday am we will be crushing the cabernet and crushing/pressing the viognier.

We are going to follow this up with a little tasting and blending party.  We’ve got to get some of the 2013 vintage into bottles to make room for the 2014.   We’ll be tasting and playing with blending the malbec, cab franc, and merlot.   Anyone interested is welcome to join us.

The syrah looks like it may have another week yet on fermenting, so we’ll keep everyone posted on the schedule for pressing that.

This picture of “baby puke or poop” is sauvignon blanc and pinot gris going through primary fermentation.  In 3-6 months it will be lovely and tasty – we promise!  The second photo is the pinot gris from last year in the spring before bottling if you don’t believe.


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