Winery Schedule

If anyone would like to join us for some fun with winemaking this weekends here’s the plan.

Friday 10/10 – Michael and Dawne are going to be working in the winery during the day bottling some of the 2013 Malbec, Merlot and Cab Franc.   At about 630 pm we’re going to have a pressing party to press the syrah – and maybe the malbec depending on how its coming along.  Leann’s going to pick up some pizza and munchies if anyone wants to come by and help with the pressing.  Its really not much work – and involves a lot of fun and tasting of both food and wine.

On Saturday and Sunday we’re going to be helping out Dawne at Moose Canyon Winery ( a short 1.8 miles from our house and Michael’s winemaking buddy). On Saturday we’ll be pressing her syrah and likely the malbec too. On Sunday we’re going to be bottling about 25 cases of her bordeaux blend.  She got a cool little multi-bottle bottler this year to play with, and will also have “stations” set up for corking and “foiling”, plus the typical eating and drinking support of the winemaker assistants.

Stay tuned for the following weekend plans as we’ll be needing to press the malbec (if not done this weekend) and the cabernet.

This past weekend we had a great time with our wineclub crushing/destemming the cabernet and crushing/destemming/pressing the viognier for the club competition.

crushing wineclub sauvignon blanc
crushing wineclub sauvignon blanc


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